Tortilla Torah Scrolls

Tortilla Torah

Tortilla Torah, by 3rd grader

I wrote about kid-created instant edible Torah Scrolls years ago, back when I could get away with a lot more sugar in the classroom. And, I’ve already talked about the holiday and why an edible Torah Scroll can be a good enrichment activity for Simchat Torah. When kids explore a real sefer Torah as model and special guest, they understand what they are re-creating and why.

This post is a simpler version. Less candy, less time, but actually more fun. And, kids get to be a scribe / sofer with their own Torah scrolls by writing with food-safe ink. 

Here’s what we did today, with K-3. Materials are listed in red ink.

We undressed the Torah Scroll and named the parts. Vocab is what bumps this edible craft up to legit educative status.
Then, we made our own wee Torahs using the same vocabulary.

I handed out:

2 Snyder’s Dipping Sticks pretzels (aitzei chayim, wooden rollers)
1 slice of flour tortilla (parchment)
food safe markers (I used Wilton’s FoodWriters)

and then students wrote with a food-safe marker on their parchment. Depending on the class, they wrote the letter they’d just learned (we had lots of gimmels), or their Hebrew name, or the name of the holiday, or just random letters from an aleph bet chart in the room.

Then, the students rolled the parchment around each of the eitzei chayim, and I gave them:

1 piece of fruit rollup (about 5″) (chagorah, belt)

When the Torah was wrapped with the sticky fruit rollup, we made rimonim by dipping the top of the eitzei chayim first into frosting and then into a bowl of sprinkles. Magic.

1 tiny paper cup of frosting (about 1/2 tsp)
1 group container of sprinkles (rimonim, finials)
1 piece of shoestring candy (yad, hand pointer) for the 3rd graders. It’s fiddly.

Then, we tried to figure out which blessing(s) our Torahs required. Turns out, we need the minei mezonot for the pretzels, and then we say the shehakol over all the rest of the bits.

The Torah is Sweet.

writing Hebrew on

writing Hebrew on “parchment”

making rimonim

making rimonim

Tortilla Torah supplies

Tortilla Torah supplies

I made a Torah Parts Poster

I made a Torah Parts Poster w paper shapes

Instant Edible Torah Scroll with a lot more commentary
Tootsie Torahs (and how not to make them)
Torah is Sweet: Chocolate AlefBet for Consecration
• Edible Ten Commandments

ALLERGIES: Snyder’s makes gluten-free pretzel sticks that are close enough to the same size of the Dippers to substitute. Corn tortillas can substitute for the wheat, but be sure they are thin and flexible enough to roll around the pretzels without breaking.

Tortilla Torah

Tortilla Torah

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  1. Rabbi Riqi Kosovske

    HI Joanna,
    Morah Cheyn/Heidi Diamond-Shaffer, our Beit Ahavah Head Teacher, led us in “Tshuvah Tacos” for Sukkot… which we figured out that TACOS are SUKKOT backwards! On National Taco Day!
    The two of you HAVE to meet, even virtually… kindred spirits!
    Chag sameach!!

  2. Yum! I am recommending our cheder make these in the future. 🙂

  3. shoshana tal

    Hi Joanna, I’m trying to reach you and can’t find a contact info anywhere. I’m hosting my sister bas mitzvah and want to speak with you regarding a project. Please how can we be in touch? Thank you