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The Jews and Their Toys (Playmobil Martin Luther accessories, unauthorized)

Playmobil's Martin Luther doll

(photo credit: Playmobil)

Playmobil’s new Martin Luther doll—”the fastest-selling toy of all time”—comes “complete with quill and Bible,” but I thought he needed another accessory to be truly complete.* Namely, a wee copy of his 1543 treatise On the Jews and Their Lies. Continue reading

Perceiving the Other

I do not own this, but I've said it.

I do not own this, but I’ve said it.

I have a question.  Well, I have several, but today I have a particular one about Jews and nonJews.  Has anyone else, anyone who lives as a minority population, noticed that many folks in the majority perceive the numbers of your minority as much, much higher than it really is?  If this sentence is too vague, let me give a specific example. Continue reading

Testimony at the Trattoria

What’s the difference between Testifying and Witnessing? In the evangelical sense, I mean.
As I’ve already mentioned, “So what church you go to?” is a conversational opener I hear quite a bit. I also posit that that the people who initiate chitchat with this line are usually aged 70 and up.
But yesterday, I was proven wrong. Continue reading