Menorah vs. Hanukkiyah (easy show ‘n’ tell)

menorah trio trimmed


A Menorah is a lamp. A lamp is a menorah.

A Hanukkah menorah  is a hanukkiyah.

This little set up (above) is so easy to assemble, and its a great way to start a class about menorah structure, rules, and vocab.

Q: “Which is the menorah?”
A: “Yes.”  (They all are.)

In Hebrew, menorah just means lamp. (Google Image מנורה, and about half the hits will be electric lamps.)

We did this today and it was tons of fun. After a demo of Hanukkah menorah rules, we had an energetic discussion why or why not each of these eight examples were kosher:

And then we were ready to start building our own.

For details about the 8-piece quiz above, see this post: Hands-On Menorah Quiz for School or Carnival.

menorah trio trimmed



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  1. What a great lesson!
    You are the best!!!