PEZ Dispenser Mezuzah: PEZuzah

Make a PEZuzah: a PEZ dispenser Mezuzah


See Make a Mezuzah page for mezuzah basics.
See Make a Mezuzah Scroll for ways to make a “training scroll.”

To make a mezuzah case from a PEZ dispenser is strangely satisfying, and could not be easier.  PEZ dispensers are the perfect size for a small scroll, handmade or store-bought-kosher.

This is a great group activity for parties, workshops and whatnot and for any age.

Read my PEZuzah debut article—in which my mezuzah mashup is an excuse to bring in Freud, the Shulchan Aruch, the Talmud, the Second Commandment and Piglet—at here.  

small kosher scroll inside

small kosher scroll inside

You’ll need:

  • PEZ dispenser of your choice
  • Shin sticker or
  • any kind of permanent way to write a shin on the case, like glitter glue, Sharpie, paint marker, fingernail polish, etc.
  • Mounting tape



• PEZ dispensers are everywhere, but the best selection might be candy stores, the type found in malls. You can order from or find collectibles on eBay.  There are some serious PEZ people in the world.

• Kosher PEZ candy (some packaged with dispensers) are available from  They make good kosher marshmallows, too, by the way.

• Crowned shin stickers are here. The company—Benny’s Educational Toys—has a $35 minimum order requirement, but they’ve got lots of good Jewish stickers, toys, craft components and so on.

3 responses to “PEZ Dispenser Mezuzah: PEZuzah

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  2. I don’t know about the piggy pezuzah…

    The smallest kosher mezuzah scrolls are 6cm tall, which is close to 2-1/2″ and a quality kosher one is not easy to find. Will these hold a kosher scroll?

  3. Rabbi, the cavity in a standard PEZ dispenser is 6cm height x 1.5cm width. All of my home’s kosher scrolls are the extra-small kind (6cm), but they do fit, just barely, and without bunching or stressing the parchment.

    If you are looking for a DIY mezuzah case project for kids that can accomodate larger kosher scrolls, may I suggest my empty-marker cases? A Crayola marker (the broad barrel kind used with preschool and up) can house a scroll up to about 8.5 cm long. I collect dried-up markers from several classrooms all year and save them for group mezuzah projects. Instructions are here:

    Thanks for the comment here and at the Pesach PEZ-uzah page.

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