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Want to win the best Afikomen present ever? Moses and Pharoah Action Figures. ChaiKids is giving away 3 sets, and you won’t find them anywhere else.

I’ve had mine for about 18 years now, ordered for my older kid back when there was barely an Internet, back when Jew stuff for children was difficult to find. ChaiKids was like water in the desert.

I’ve used our Moses and Pharaoh as afikomen prizes, as seder enrichment toys (to re-enact the plagues), as tabletop tableaux, as storytelling props at Sunday School, and for free-play areas for Parasha work. They were big hits on Passover Parent Classroom Visits to our secular schools. They’ve been bath toys and sandbox toys, too.

This is why I’m willing to host a giveaway. Giveaways make me nervous no matter which side I’m on, but I love these toys, I love ChaiKids, and I love you guys, so I am happy to spread action figure love.

moses and pharaoh in hand

These are old. Yours will be new.

3 Winners will be chosen April 8th, 2016 at Noon CST.

1) Comment below, once per person. Feel free to add a Passover tip for the rest of us: your favorite seder-with-kids tip, favorite Passover book, etc.
2) Comment on the corresponding facebook post, and again, add a tip if you fancy.
Simple, yes? Simple is good.

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If a winner does not respond within 3 days, I’ll have to pick a new winner.
Gotta move these babies out in time for seder prep!

ChaiKids sells Moses and Pharaoh in
•Single sets
•Sets of six boxes
•Sets of 30 boxes for school / synagogue wholesale customers

This is the last year ChaiKids is selling these sets, and they created them, so get ’em while you can…

Thank you for playing. Good luck!


13 responses to “Giveaway: Moses & Pharaoh Action Figures

  1. we were sorry to see NO purim posts this year….
    Let me know if you want a tip on making hamentash challas for the Purim feast.

  2. My grandson would love these action figures. Passover is a favorite holiday. We eat matzos and make matzo & egg year round.

  3. Just letting you know I LOVE your blog and we use many of your suggestions at our temple’s Sunday School. Something fun for Passover I have done at home seder: every person has to interrupt the Haggadah at some point and ask a “good question.” (Riff on the 4 questions). We discuss and try to answer, then write down the question on a colorful card which the person can decorate, with a good answer on the back, then put the cards together in a Questions booklet with a cover with the year of that Seder. Everyone pays attention and tries to ask the best question! And the answers are always interesting. Maybe could be done at a model seder too with a classroom of students who are late elementary or into middle school.
    Rabbi Debby

  4. These toys look like they can add to telling the story of Passover for kids. I have just put out a book to help families make Passover fun and meaningful. Family Preparations for the Jewish Holidays: Passover
    This book includes a lot of ways of presenting the ten plagues and other parts of the seder as well as arts and crafts activities to keep the kids busy before and during Passover. It also includes lots of basic information about Passover and running the seder.

  5. For my kids the favorite parts of the Seder were when they did the telling of the story. We wrote a play and they lived acting it out. They also loved all out props!

  6. I know my son would LOVE to play the Passover story with these figures! We enjoy giving each person at our seder a “mask” representing each plague, then acting them out during that part of the seder. Your ideas for interactive engagement are such a great breath of fresh air! Thank you!

  7. Have not started Pesach prep yet! still eating hamantashen. But these would be great since I think we’re welcoming a French Catholic exchange student @our seder. I did rewrite our haimishe haggadah this year. Happy Pesach!

  8. I love these! My Passover tip is to incorporate Passover into every day play – even the doll house in our house gets a seder plate and little tiny matzas. We bring out the Passover toys only around this time of year so they are special and exciting.

  9. Joan Sharp

    I never saw Jewish action figures like this before. How fun! As the director of our Religious school, I’m always looking for innovative ways to engage our students, and these figures would be a great addition to the Passover “bag of tricks.” We also live in a community that does not have a large Jewish population, so it is very important for our kids to feel that Jewish connection, and to build fun, lasting memories. Thank you for your ideas and suggestions. I look forward to incorporating many of them with our students.
    This year I am planning to ask the students to take a picture with “Flat Elijah” at their Seder, then have them send me their pictures to incorporate into a slideshow or book. I can’t take credit for this idea- not sure where I originally saw it, but I think it’s cute.

  10. Thank you for having such a unique and inspirational action figure toys giveaway! These will be great for children, because it’s a fun way to get them interested in wanting to learn about important Biblical/Jewish figures in history that have greatly impacted millions of people the world over down through the centuries, regardless of denomination, or religion. I know my two grand kids would love these action figures!

  11. It’s OK Joanna, I will stick with my old faithful Moses and Pharaoh for another year!

  12. This is so cute my daughter would love it

  13. I run a Jewish preschool and our students would love these action figures!