LEGO Seder Table: minifig Passover

legosedertableJust for fun: two LEGO seder plates and a table, sized for a minifig Passover.

Now, I’ve got to get busy making the real thing….

Have a happy Passover!

See below for the bits we used.  If you make your own, please post pics to my Facebook page.

Matzah = 3 tiles
Wine = 4 wineglasses, one per cup
Zeroa / shank bone = small bone
Beitzah / egg = white minifig head
Maror / bitter herb = gold cone +  carrot top (horseradish root)
Charoset / mortar = Bellville flower  (Ashkenazi apple/wine/walnut charoset)
Karpas / Spring veg = flower stem (parsley) and/or 1×1 round plate (potato)
Chazeret / second bitter herb = helmet plume (romaine lettuce)
Haggadah = 1×2 tile with label

15 responses to “LEGO Seder Table: minifig Passover

  1. Our family (Toronto, Canada – home to a multitude of the Tribe) always has uniquely original seders. One of our recent favorites was my sister’s “Come as your Favorite Plague”. I wore bubblewrap and came as “Boils”.

    This year, my daughter and I are suspending a balloon filled with little rubber frogs above the seder table. At the appropriate time, she gets to pop the balloon and release the frogs. Hilarity is sure to ensue.

  2. I absolutely love this. I was planning on putting together a Barbie Seder this year, but ran out of time. A zissen Pesach!

  3. Frume Sarah

    I LOVE this!!!!!

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  6. Do you happen to know the part numbers? I called lego,and we weren’t able to find all the pieces. This is great. Love the “egg”

    • Melynda, I just used what we already had from various sets. When I need to find a part number, I google image search my best guess for a description, which leads to an ebay post, etc. Then, with the part number, I order from
      I already typed the descriptions in the post, so hopefully, it won’t take much time to track down part numbers. But feel free to substitute anything for anything: that’s the beauty of LEGO, finding the “right” part to represent something. Have fun!

  7. Hi where can Jewish themed lego be purchased from?

    • I made these with my imagination and my collection of LEGO, which is what I encourage everyone to do, of any age. My big thing is inspiring kids to want to rummage through what LEGO they already have in order to re-present Jewish objects and themes. There are countless decisions and substitutions to be made, and each one is a learning opportunity. A kit doesn’t necessarily defeat this purpose, but it certainly bumps the whole enterprise into a different category: a following directions category. So, the short answer is that I don’t sell kits. But I’m glad you like the seder plates!

  8. i made lego seder plates with my students. How can I share our pics with you?

  9. Just wanted to share my own LEGO Passover pics. I was totally inspired by your creations, so many thanks for that!

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