DIY Jewish star stamps

jewish star pasta stamps

DIY stamps and clay punches with Jewish Star pasta

Before I forget, here’s a thrifty way to convert Jewish star pasta into a punch to make impressions in clays and into a stamp for paints and inks. 

Our Kindergarteners needed a way to decorate clay Shabbat candleholders without resorting to the traditional and flammable addition of pony beads, so we pushed Star of David pasta into the clay instead. Not to stay: just to leave an impression. As clay punches.

Little fingers would have had trouble manipulating the pasta without a mount, and since we had a bunch of Crayola marker plugs lying around, I hot-glued each pasta piece to the end of each plug.

If you don’t have marker plugs, use corks or water bottle caps to hold the pasta.

To make smaller Jewish star impressions in clay, we’ve used the gorgeous screwdrivers known as Torx: 6-sided drivers at the hardware store. I adore these.
See that post here: Screw the Star of David: Jewish Hardware in the Art Room. 

Why did we have a supply of marker plugs? My third-graders disassemble dried markers to harvest parts for:
Mezuzah tubes (see how here)
Loose art parts (for collage, etc.)
Homemade watercolors  (see how here)

But, we send most of our dried markers postage paid to Crayola so they can be converted into fuel via a Marker Mitzvah. See the post where we convert Crayola’s ColorCycle program to a Marker Mitzvah here.




2 responses to “DIY Jewish star stamps

  1. Oh dear, forget the ox and the ass, now I’ve gone and coveted my neighbour’s pasta…
    Someone really needs to sell pasta that shape in Australia!

    • Darn! I just checked your Amazon, and you are right. Then, I calculated the cost of mailing you some! (Prohibitive, I’m afraid.) I hope you have access to the groovy Torx tools, at least. Hardware should be universal, even if shaped pasta isn’t.