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3-D Clay Topographical Maps of Israel

map of israelMaking a 3-D map of The Land of Israel is a deep project. What takes time is the discussion. So many questions come up, so many connections: neighbors, borders, cities, terrain, history, Torah, politics.  Continue reading

LEGO hamantaschen for Purim

Couldn’t resist one more LEGO Purim post this year.

teeniest clay hamantaschen so far...

oznei haman (hamantaschen) for the minifigs

Continue reading

Polymer clay Mini Megillah (w/ real scroll)

polymer clay case for mini scroll

polymer clay case (and detachable gragger)  for a miniature scroll

I did not plan to make a Playmobil Megillah case today, but an unexpected email derailed me.  Attached was a pdf of the whole Megillah in thumbnail miniature, fresh from the scribe who wrote the real thing. Frozen groceries melted on the counter while I ran upstairs for the clay box.  A mini Megillah deserves a mini case, don’t you think? Continue reading

Mini Polymer Hamantaschen for Playmobil, LEGO, etc.

sculpey clay hamataschen

Polymer clay hamataschen minis

Kids old enough to resist eating clay can duplicate the PlayDo Hamantaschen-Folding Practice on a mini scale with polymer or air-dry clay.  I vote for polymer as the best choice: you use a tiny amount (which means it is cheap and easy to manipulate), you can pull the colors apart for do-overs, and the smoothy, firm nature of the clay is very forgiving in clumsy little hands.   Continue reading

Hamantaschen PlayDo Practice: Can You Make a Triangle from a Circle?

playdo hamantasch

It’s hard to make a triangle from a circle.  It’s hard for little kids and for lots of older ones, too.  And, even if a kid manages it one year, it’s a long time from one Purim to the next.

To transform a flat circle into a filled triangle requires skill and patience, and the last thing I want is for my bakers to have a perfectionist freak-out. So, I like to program a bit of Hamantaschen-folding Practice at Purim classes and parties, even with kids who think they are too old for PlayDo. No one is too old for PlayDo, not ever. Continue reading

Mini Shofar, Challah and Apples for Rosh Hashanah (polymer clay)

polymer clay apples, challah, shofars

polymer clay apples, challah, shofars

Twee, yes, but groovy: the Duplo Rosh Hashanah.  This is what happens when I find a baggie of clay at a yard sale—random Fimo and Sculpey packs already opened, slightly hairy, and obviously from the Year Gimmel—right around the time when we determine that our Duplo people just don’t have what for Rosh Hashanah.  Now they have what. Continue reading