Printable how-to for simple LEGO dreidel

print it, show it to your kid.

Beloved LEGO nerds and LEGO enablers: print this pdf, show it to your kid and let her rummage through the LEGO bins to find the seven, particular pieces.  (Rummaging is part of the fun. Match the part to the pic: how many studs across and down?  Brick or plate?)  She can assemble the seven pieces as per the illustration.  She can then add the letters.  Voila: a LEGO dreidel.

Should your bins not produce all these parts, just substitute.  Four 2×2 bricks are the equivalent of two 2×4 bricks.  If you need help, email me.* (For some people (my husband), this is rocket science, and for some people, this is like falling off a log.)  This  model is one of the easiest to build and to spin, but you and your kid can make a zillion different kinds.  See posts, here and here for models I’ve made so far.

If the image above doesn’t print big enough, click on the PDF document and print full-size:  BibleBeltBalabustaLEGOdreidel (or just show the screen to your child).

My dream is to kick off a LEGO dreidel-making frenzy, to open a world of constructive possibilities, to stave off dreidel dullness, to encourage Jewy LEGO love far and wide, and to widen my shockingly narrow peer base.

Group LEGO Dreidel Builds:
Program a LEGO Dreidel Make ‘n’ Take for a classroom, carnival or party.  You’ll definitely need signage (print and post my pdf above), a letter chart (find it here),  and lots of parts.  The cheapest way to amass the inventory is via, a site where folks all over the world buy and sell LEGO parts (new and used). Create a “wanted list” by plugging in the LEGO part numbers (from my pdf) and then search for the vendor nearest you who has all the parts and at the best price.

Carnival set-up for LEGO Dreidel "Make it, Take it"

Carnival set-up for LEGO Dreidel “Make it, Take it.” Add letter chart.

P.S. You know how to play the Dreidel Game, right?  If not, here’s a quick video from  But there are more ways to play dreidel than the traditional one….   See my post about instant dreidel arenas for a reminder about dreidel battles, spinning contests and whatnot.

Please add your own pics to my Facebook Page: I’d love to see any models you or your kid creates.

*Email LEGO questions to: BibleBeltBalabusta (youknowthesymbol) gmail c o m


DIY LEGO dreidel

9 responses to “Printable how-to for simple LEGO dreidel

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  2. My 9 y/o son just made his first dreidel! It spins great. He is inspired now. Should be fun. Thanks for a great idea.

  3. LOVE this. Planning to share with my 12 yo son when he gets home today!!!

  4. Cute! The International Association of Dreidel Spinners ( approve!

  5. Yay, my boat studs arrived in the post this morning!! Just printing the instructions now….

  6. Rosalind Whitesides

    You can send the pieces in a small box or cushioned envelope with the picture or full instructions as an adorable Hanukkah card. I think, now that you have showed me how to make them, that all my nieces and nephews will get “cards” this year! Thanks!!!