DIY Maror: Maple seeds


#StayatHome maror: maple seeds.
BITTER. Maple seeds make horseradish taste like candy in comparison.
(And yes, maple seeds are a time-honored edible in the Foraging world.)

We couldn’t get our usual maror this year, so I’m using silver maple—because that’s what’s falling on my street right now—but any maple should do.

Here’s the trick: don’t remove the almost invisible layer of whiteness surrounding the seed. It’s in this “pillowcase” where the bitterness lies. The actual chubby, fresh seed—removed from the pillowcase—is rather like edamame and delicious. But the film between seed and paper wing = BITTER, BABY.

Try it?

And after the seder (or during, at a thematically appropriate moment?),
please fling the still-unopened “helicopters” into the air and enjoy the twirl.

Have a happy Passover, everyone. May your herbs be bitter and your seder—somehow—be sweet.

Chag sameach,


2 responses to “DIY Maror: Maple seeds

  1. I was thinking of you! Hoping your family stays well. I have been in our apt. w/husband since 3/13! He’s working from our living room. Daughter was supposed to get married in BOS in May and I was supposed to host bridal shower….all postponed but that’s another sad story. We’ve been doing food shop online and drive to store to pick up 2 weeks later when a slot is available – with some success. People are glomming the flour and TP(not a problem this week)I bought a jar of horseradish 3 weeks ago; but i’m just not into cooking and cleaning bc my kids will only see me on computer. ugh!! stay safe! ellen

    • Ellen! So happy to hear from you! But also sorry about the wedding postponement. And I’m taking your comment about having no Flour AND no TP “not a problem this week” in the funniest way possible, what with the traditional jokes about matzah. This assumes, however, that you *did* find matzah at the store. We did, but just barely and just in time. Stay well!