LEGO Omer Counters, DIY

LEGO omer counter

LEGO omer counter: from Passover to Shavuot

LEGO omer counters. I couldn’t find any, so I made some up. LEGO is ideal for an omer counter because it is inherently irresistible and in any decent-sized LEGO bin at home are bound to be 49 somethings with which to mark each day of the count.

groups of seven

groups of seven (can be counted horizontally or vertically)

For example, in the orange example below I used 49 minifig heads: one per day. Think of a head as a modified barley groat. With a face.*
Each row is seven days, and we will end up with seven layers: seven weeks from Pesach to Shavuot. Shavuot means “weeks.”

Day 15 of the omer. Each minifig head is a day / barley groat.

Day 15 of the omer. Each minifig head is a day / barley groat.

Don’t have that many little keppies in your collection? 49 pips or cylinders or bricks or whatever will work just as well.

My favorite is the cupboard and door version. I admit that not many of us happen to have 49 LEGO cupboards on hand, and also that I ordered the parts on purpose. Why?
Because if there is a LEGO door, a kid will open it.

(I learned this with my Open the Door for Elijah tableau.)
What’s behind each door? Candy? Barley sugar? Raw groats?
I will tell you what’s behind Door #33 for Lag BaOmer: LEGO fire, to remind us to make a real Lag baOmer bonfire, as per custom.

Note the LEGO symbols to show the anchoring holidays of the count. Pesach is symbolized by one of my minifig seder plates, and Shavuot is a pair of LEGO train hitches converted into The Tablets. (Do see my LEGO Moses on the Mountain.)

Just for fun, my kid and I made a vertical version with the cupboards, straight up to Shavuot. Not the steadiest tower, but fun to try.

LEGO omer counter minifig heads closeup

Add a head per day, one week per row

LEGO omer counter vertical modular

Shavuot Tablets atop vertical omer counter

LEGO omer counter

LEGO omer counter

LEGO omer counter Lag BaOmer

LEGO fire inside door #33 for Lag BaOmer

LEGO omer counter tablets

Shavuot Tablets

LEGO omer counter seder plate

Passover as minifig seder plate

LEGO omer counter vertical entire

49 steps up to Shavuot

NUMBERS: Don’t forget that Sharpie can be erased from LEGO with a swipe of rubbing alcohol. You can also use mini Avery removable stickers (the color-coding kind).

*Barley because the omer was a measure of the season’s first barley crop.

9 responses to “LEGO Omer Counters, DIY

  1. Wow! That looks great!
    Where did you find 49 LEGO cupboards? I would love to set this up for my daughter.

    • Thanks! I get all spare LEGO parts from You can pick a vendor based on inventory, location, price, etc., and also choose new or used.

  2. Brilliant, as always!!

  3. We made omer bracelets, with patterns of 7 and a special bead for the 33rd day. My kids liked the math component and the craft component.

  4. I am happy to send you a photo. I wanted to post it here… suggestions?