Open the [LEGO] Door for Elijah

Open the [LEGO] door for Elijah

Open the [LEGO] door for Elijah

At our school’s Walk Through the Seder Steps program, two toy tableaux sat at the Hallel station. Hallel is the step where, appropriately enough, we sing Hallel and other songs of praise, and also when we open the door for Elijah. At the program, two musical highschoolers led kids through the first bit of the Hallel (with timbrels and shakers), made sure students knew what the words meant, and then, while crooning Eliyahu haNavi, let them open a mini door for a maxi prophet. I made a Duplo and a LEGO version.

DUPLO Door for Elijah

LEGO Elijah Door from inside

LEGO Door for Elijah closeup

I hope Eliyahu doesn’t notice that neither the Duplo folk nor the minifigs remembered to put an Elijah cup on the seder table. . .

The DUPLO door slides (I had to squirt it with household oil so the kids could shift it. That thing is old).

The LEGO door is even older, and may well be from my very first LEGO set, circa 1975, which cracks me right up. Like I could have imagined any such thing back then.

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