LEGO Purim: Four Mitzvot

The Four Mitzvot of Purim, via LEGO.  Happy Purim!

Reading the Megillah: Mikra Megillah

Reading the Megillah: Mikra Megillah

(Megillah rolled back into case)

(Megillah rolled back into case)


Festive Purim Meal: Seudah Purim

Sending Portions: Mishloach Manot

Sending Portions: Mishloach Manot

Gifts to the Poor: Matanot l'Evyonim

Gifts to the Poor: Matanot l’Evyonim

Notes to purists:
Everything is 100% LEGO except the polymer clay hamantaschen.
The Seudat Purim is kosher dairy.

My Page on making polymer clay hamantaschen for Playmobil and LEGO folk.
My LEGO Purim, last year.
My LEGO Gragger articles, here and a DIY, here.

Link: Page on Purim history and observance at

6 responses to “LEGO Purim: Four Mitzvot

  1. What I love about this is not just that it is clever in its own right, but it shows me how I can play with my little one on Jewish themes. Brilliant.

  2. Hi Joanna,
    Loved these, particularly the scroll. Blogged on GodBricks, of course.

  3. hi
    from england!
    we run a Jewish education charity snd would love to use some of your images and purchase some lego. How do we go about this and would it be ok? Many thanks and love your stuff!

    • Thanks, Sharon! You are welcome to use the images with an indication of where they came from and a link to my site, sure. I’m not a Lego seller: I just play and teach with it. The clay hamantaschen small enough for Lego minifigs are from one of my tutorials.