Mini Polymer Hamantaschen for Playmobil, LEGO, etc.

sculpey clay hamataschen

Polymer clay hamataschen minis

Kids old enough to resist eating clay can duplicate the PlayDo Hamantaschen-Folding Practice on a mini scale with polymer or air-dry clay.  I vote for polymer as the best choice: you use a tiny amount (which means it is cheap and easy to manipulate), you can pull the colors apart for do-overs, and the smoothy, firm nature of the clay is very forgiving in clumsy little hands.  Polymer is also relatively tough when baked, especially when baked in compact shapes like a hamantaschen (as opposed to a wee, polymer lulav).

polymer clay Hamantaschen

polymer clay Hamantaschen

With polymer and air-dry clay, there is no need to roll out a thin sheet and cut, like with the ever-so-fun PlayDo.  Kids can just roll a tiny sphere of clay (in palm or on table), flatten into a disc, place a small dot of “filling” clay in the middle, and then, with help (sometimes a lot of help), fold the edges to form a triangle. Bake the polymer as per package directions, leave the air-dry clay alone for awhile, and you’ve got lots of tiny cookies for Playmobil, LEGO and other figurines / dolls to enjoy.

Don’t have the right color of beige?  Blend what you’ve got.  Try white with  a bit of red, yellow and a smidge of blue.  This could be a whole lesson in color wheel and blending.

And, If you wanna do this in a classroom, a toaster oven on the counter works just fine, and the kids can take the clay Hamantaschen home that day.

Have fun!

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  1. dude, you have an amazon affiliate store? if not, you’re leaving money on the table. include links to your fave products (the polymer clay you like, for instance) and i’ll click thru (because you are a mofo of a saleslady for these projects!) and you get a cut.

    • Oh, Snarly, I know you are right. I’ll think about it after Pesach… And thank you for the lovely compliment. I’ve never been a mofo before.

  2. This is officially the cutest thing I have ever seen! Have you ever done a challah?

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