Mini Shofar, Challah and Apples for Rosh Hashanah (polymer clay)

polymer clay apples, challah, shofars

polymer clay apples, challah, shofars

Twee, yes, but groovy: the Duplo Rosh Hashanah.  This is what happens when I find a baggie of clay at a yard sale—random Fimo and Sculpey packs already opened, slightly hairy, and obviously from the Year Gimmel—right around the time when we determine that our Duplo people just don’t have what for Rosh Hashanah.  Now they have what.

Featured here are two whole-wheat raisin challot, braided in a circle for the holiday that celebrates the never-ending cycle of the year, and a plate of apple slices ready for some Duplo honey. Duplo Toddler holds a Yemenite kudu shofar, and Duplo Girl sports a standard ram’s horn.

Note to parents of lively children:
if  you make teeny shofars out of polymer clay, think of them as ephemera or temporary toys at best. Your kid will instantly break them in half. If any clay mavens read this, please let me know if polymer comes in strengths able to resist the enthusiastic embraces of preschoolers. I tried wrapping clay around wire, but alas, the wire refused to stay wrapped.  The apple slices, oy, I made by slicing a white sphere wrapped in a red layer. Those I dare you to break.  They are tough little wedges that defy the deftest pincer grip. Just arranging them on the mini china plate took a full, bumbling minute.

Making this stuff was too tricky for my four year-old, so he just enjoyed the process vicariously and then had fun playing with everything.  I formed each shofar to fit inside a Duplo grip, and next time (as if) I’ll angle the horn to actually reach a Duplo face.

I have ever so much fun making toys Jewish. Especially for holidays. See an earlier post wherein I post pics of Playmobil hamantaschen, Lego menorahs and a child-crafted Lego sukkah.  Also my article at Kveller (Converting Toys to Judaism). Why do this?  Because my kid loves it.

Pardon me as I quote myself:

“Playing Jewishly is just another easy and natural way to incorporate Jewishness into everyday life.  And it’s FUN.”

5 responses to “Mini Shofar, Challah and Apples for Rosh Hashanah (polymer clay)

  1. What a great idea, and your mini apples slices are particularly awesome!

  2. Wow, great idea. I wonder if I can make a shofar for Buss Light-year and if Woody is willing to remove his cowboy hat to wear a kippah..

    • Hey, I hadn’t thought about Woody and Buzz joining in. I love it. Guess who is going to go round-up the action figures and see if the Playmobil shofars fit? And since Woody doesn’t wear a gun, the holster might just be the perfect place to store the shofar till Tashlich…

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