LEGO Minifig Lulav and Etrog


LEGO minifig lulav and etrog

Our LEGO minifigs now have an appropriately-scaled lulav and etrog for their LEGO sukkah. For a few years, they’ve heard rumours that our Playmobil folk had a set, but now, both populations can shake and wave and sniff and try not to poke out each other’s eyeballs.  (Those palm tips are wicked.)

I made these out of Sculpey Bake and Bend, and by golly, I baked and they bent. They bend like mad.  This is now my clay of choice, because kids will be able to play with my minis.  As opposed to regular polymer, which snaps in half when handled with any vigor at all.  You can’t hand a 2 inch-tall lulav to a kid and ask her to hold it flat in her palm and simply gaze upon it with reverence.  These things were meant to be played with, and now, they can be.

the whole fam

the whole fam in the LEGO sukkah

P.S. The etrog pitom is a piece of broom straw colored with a Sharpie.

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2 responses to “LEGO Minifig Lulav and Etrog

  1. You MADE THAT!? WOW, great job! You should sell them because I’m not sure how many of us have your skill at creating that tiny masterpiece.