Printable Dreidel Rules (gift tags)

Two-sided tags: dreidel rules and a 2 sentence explanation of Hanukkah

Two-sided tags: dreidel rules and a 2 sentence explanation of Hanukkah

I usually give out dreidels when I’m the Hanukkah Parent on a classroom visit. Dreidels are fun to spin, they (sort of) tell the story of Hanukkah in 4 letters, and they distract the children from the fact that I’m not giving them any gelt at all (long story).

Most of the kids aren’t Jewish, so they haven’t grown up playing dreidel.  They don’t know from dreidel rules, AT ALL. Granted, nowadays mum and dad can Google the rules on an iPhone right there in the school parking lot the minute the kid gets into the minivan, BUT…

print the pdf, fold, glue, trim, give.

print the pdf, fold, glue, trim, give.

Click the image or this link: Dreidel Gift Labels to see a simple PDF of the rules and the briefest of brief explanations of the holiday.  
Just print and fold in half lengthwise.  This makes each card have a FRONT and a BACK.  Use a smidge of glue stick to make it permanent.  Then, trim the page and you have 4 cards.

I punch a hole in a corner and attach the card to the goodie bag with a ribbon, but you can just hand it out with the dreidel (but it probably won’t make it to the minivan).

PRINTING TIP: do not select “fit to page.” Print full size. Holler if you have problems. If you print the big image with the caption and not the pdf link, you’ll get teeny cards, but it’ll probably work fine anyway.

For more about classroom Hanukkah visits, including my views on dreidels and gelt, see my page, Hanukkah Parent School Visits.

13 responses to “Printable Dreidel Rules (gift tags)

  1. This is exactly what I needed! I’m explaining Hanukah to the entire 1st grade at my daughter’s school (80+ kids) and everyone is getting dreidels. Thanks for doing the work.

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  3. This is perfect timing – I’m the Hanukkah Parent for a group of 23 (not 80!) first graders this week, too!

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  5. Thank you! You just saved me hours of work!

  6. used to make “kits” out of old film canisters. Don’t know what you could use now–maybe rx pill bottles? 10 pennies and a small colored driedl. I printed labels in color and covered the outside of the canister. If you used a small pill bottle you could still put the label outside and roll this printout and insert it inside.

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  10. Exactly what I needed, thank you! We are having a combined Hanukkah/Birthday party for my husband tomorrow and teaching our friends to play dreidel! This will be perfect! (p.s. LOVE your lego and altoids tin menorahs!!)

    • I’m so glad! Thanks for telling me. Hope you have a great party. And don’t forget to teach them how to spin driedels upside-down! Kids know, but adults usually need to be shown…