Dreidel Cookies

Dreidel cookies, chocolate letters

Dreidel cookies, chocolate letters

If I’d known royal icing was so easy, I’d have made it long before now. Two ingredients (plus color) make a gloppy paste easily scooped and squirted onto the baked good of choice, and later, after it dries, it becomes a beautifully smooth concrete. The perfect medium with which to anchor these little Hebrew letters made from a candy mold. The mold is a sheet of the entire aleph-bet, which means I have to make each nun, gimmel, hey and shin one at a time.  Time is the operative word. But gosh, they’re pretty.

And below, see the little gift plates for a bake sale.

I will not detail the hours I spent trying to package these cookies to maintain optimum visibility while affording some protection from curious and hasty shoppers.  I will say that cut-up cereal boxes, shipping boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, packing tape and hanukkah napkins were all tried and discarded.

The little card explains Hanukkah and the dreidel letters, since we might be the only Jewish family in the school.

By the way, the cookies are Martha Stewart’s sugar cookie recipe, but instead of the smidge of brandy (which I don’t own, but it sounds interesting as a cookie flavor enhancer) I used orange juice.

4 responses to “Dreidel Cookies

  1. great blog, such lovely work:) these are kind of cute, too http://jewish.hu/view.php?cid=92_muffin? 🙂

  2. Where did you find the ‘aleph-bet’ candy mold? These are so darling. I’m the Catholic side of an interfaith couple and I am looking forward to adding some more Hanukkah to our Chrismukkah equation this year. 🙂 I love Christmastime — but I love my Jewish man and his faith too, and it makes me sad how much Christmas overshadows Hanukkah. (Not that dreidel-shaped sugar cookies are going to fix the glaring exclusion of Jews and Jewish holidays in seasonal advertising, decorative selection, etc….but every little bit helps, I guess. 🙂 P.s. I love this blog!!!

    • Lexi, I’m glad you asked! I ordered my Hebrew molds from Amazon (http://tinyurl.com/d7yop5z), but they are distributed by CK Products. I ended up buying 4 sheets so that I could make bulk quantities of the 4 dreidels more quickly, but you can get by with one. The neat thing is that if the letters break, you just re-melt and start over. (I used those horrible candy-melt lozenge things, not real chocolate, but they are so easy.) Check out their other Jewish designs: big Hebrew letters, Torah Scrolls, shofars, etc. For plaster, chocolate, candy, clay, etc. Your man is lucky to have such an enthusiastic supporter. Happy baking!

  3. those cookies are amazing!! Your chocolate letters are fab!Your Hanukkah bazaar is lucky to have your talents I am happy to own a large,plastic dreidel cookie cutter (not those teeny, tiny metal ones) and we make some good cookies ourselves,.
    read that you weren’t feeling good, so happy that you’re back to good health!
    best, ellen