LEGO Mitzrayim: #Exodusgram 1

LEGO Israelite minifig caught in a narrow place.  (The oppressive sandal is supposed to look all ancient Egyptian.)

Rabbi and writer Ima on and Off the Bima gave the Jewish world the heads-up a few days ago. #BlogExodus and #Exodusgram start at sundown, March 24th, which will be the first day of Nissan.  I love her big idea and her loose rules, and that the whole project can bring so many folks from so many different places together: places in the world, heart and head. See her post here. Anyone on any platform: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblir, Pinterest, a  phone, a blog, etc. can join the party.

I don’t plan to share a pic or post every day, but I couldn’t resist the first theme: Mitzrayim.  In the haggadah, it refers to Egypt, where the Israelites were enslaved. The Hebrew translates as “narrow place.”

Narrow place, constriction, oppression can be interpreted a zillion ways. This one’s mine.

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