Passover Parent: classroom Show and Tell resource

Me and Moses down by the school-yard…

New here: permanent pages (see top menu) for parents who want to lead a Jewish holiday Show and Tell in the classroom. I’ve made quite a few of these visits myself (I have a teenager and a preschooler), and my observations, mistakes and successes might help you plan your own.  I’d love to hear about your experiences, so please comment on the Passover (or Hanukkah) page to share what’s worked or not worked for you.

Passover’s coming, and if you feel the urge to share your family’s traditions with your kid’s school, see the obsessive detailed guidelines at the Passover Parent page.  You can select elements that appeal to you and make your classroom visit as short and simple or as long and involved as you wish.  All subject, of course, to the teacher’s time /activity guidelines.   I’ve been able to squeeze Passover into a 10 minute Show and Tell, and so can you.

an excellent, quick story: “Why We Celebrate Passover” by Howard M. Kurtz.

The basics: a quick story, a box of matzah and a seder plate. But see the whole page for a checklist, ideas and suggestions. I try to make everything  hands-on and concrete for all ages.

Why would we want to do this at all?  See some reasons at the page called Holiday School Visits.  In a nutshell, a classroom visit is educational, it’s a positive reference point to Jews and Jewish holidays, and it’s FUN.  Fun for you, your kid and everybody else.

Playmobil can help tell the story

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