The Jewish Holidays Cheat Sheet, at last

As a former newbie, a parent, a token Jew adrift in a Protestant sea, and an educator, I am always on the lookout for concise, informative, even-handed info about Jewish life suitable for wide distribution.
Found it.
Ruth Abrams, managing editor of has put together “The Jewish Holiday Cheat Sheet.”

Not only is there a handy interactive chart so you can tell at a click the dates for Yom Kippur or the first day of Passover (to check against the school calendar that has already scheduled a field trip to a local bakery. on one or both of those days),
you also get a no frills, slightly breezy rundown on each holiday:

• Hebrew name means…
• What’s it about.
• Pronounce it.
• Time of year.
• Foods.
• Activities.
• Symbols of Holiday.
• Greeting?
• Read More…

Like Abram’s site in general, the list is welcoming and chummy and full of helpful info.
I don’t know the Yiddish opposite of “shanda to the goyim,” but if there is one, this effort is a great example of the sentiment.

Not that this list is just for nonJews or interfaith families. A hearty no. Being born Jewish is no guarantee of any level of knowledge. And we all forget things, all the time. This would be a great list attached to websites of synagogues, JCCs, Federations, and Jewish learning sites in general.

Pass it on, y’all.

And if you can kvell about any other marvel of dissemination, list it here in a comment.

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