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Purim program at our shul last Sunday. The puppet show was gruesome. They loved it.

I want to mention some blogs I fancy.  A new one is by the author of PJ LIbrary title “A Mezuzah On the Door,” and it’s called “Home-shuling.” 

Love the quick wit, the lack of cloying barfyness, and the fine writing.
And how jealous am I that she is a published author?

I think we all know about “Ima on the Bimah,” yes? And “Juggling Frogs?”

These are true Balabustas, both.

(Thank you, Juggling Frogs, for your About Me comment that you are Torah-Observant instead of the not-so-neutral “Torah-true.”  The latter term implies that the rest of us are not true to the Torah. Which is accurate, no doubt, but it sounds snarky.)
Modern Jewish Mom” recently started a group on Facebook, which gives us another forum to play around with.  Here’s the fb site.

But what about other blogs worthy of our limited attention?

Please leave a comment and let us all know where else to look.

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