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Upcycled Water Bottle Bird Feeder for Tu B’Shevat

bottle bird feeder

black oil sunflower seed, bamboo perch

Upcycled water bottles as birdfeeders are not new, so why am I sharing this?

Because this morning I sort of perfected them. My class of 2nd graders made a bunch and we had to be quick. So shall I: Continue reading

Kindness to animals, unless they’re on the sugar bowl

Sweet. Sugar bowl and tongs all-in-one.

Sweet. Sugar bowl and tongs all-in-one.

They’re back.  I had forgotten about the yearly ant invasion of my kitchen pantry until this morning, when I saw the familiar black parade streaming under the door, up the wall, and onto the shelves.  In my panic, I could not remember what I had done last year to stop the flow.  I remember trying internet advice which, in my desperation, seemed plausible.  (My favorite was “ants won’t cross a line of chalk.” Continue reading