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Recognizing Moses

"Who is this Moses?" (name that quote)

Right about the time I posted the Moses and Pharaoh giveaway, I updated my iPhoto software. It has a face-recognition feature that freaks me out a little.  I played around with it last night, what with being awake at 2:30am and feeling generous with my time. It automatically scrolled through my pictures asking me to name and then confirm whom was whom. Until I did so, all faces were tagged “unnamed.”

And then, up popped Moses. Pictures of Continue reading

DIY Passover Plagues Toys

assemble your own kit

DIY plague toys

DIY Passover Plagues Box and Dramatic Re-enaction

Everything about the seder is designed to teach kids. Symbolic foods, the four questions, songs, Rabbinic lessons and the many discrepancies therein: eating yet more matzah for dessert (afikomen), leaning on pillows at the table, all that dipping? But usually, seders are so long and boring not much learning goes on, except learning that seders are long and boring.

Re-enacting the plagues can make seders more educational and fun. We are commanded to think of ourselves as slaves in Egypt: toys, props and simple costumes facilitate this leap of the imagination. Continue reading