Testimony at the Trattoria

What’s the difference between Testifying and Witnessing? In the evangelical sense, I mean.
As I’ve already mentioned, “So what church you go to?” is a conversational opener I hear quite a bit. I also posit that that the people who initiate chitchat with this line are usually aged 70 and up.
But yesterday, I was proven wrong.

We were at our usual post-Sunday School Italian buffet when the young Portuguese man who brought our drinks asked my daughter,
“So what church do you go to?”
(Note that his English, beautifully accented, was better than the Nashville natives who leave out the word “do.” Natives simplify the phrase with a lazy slur from the ch ending of church to the ch beginning of choo (you): “What church-choo go to?”)

I missed the question entirely, as I was dashing to claim every slice of cheese pizza, so I asked my daughter how she replied. She told him the name of our synagogue. Apparently, he paused, raised his eyebrows and said, “Oh!”

Who knows what this means, but I just had to share the demographic-busting encounter. I should probably start keeping stats. Yesterday’s question led nowhere, but too often the same question leads to places I do not want to go.

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