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Holidays, everyday

now playing, all the time

It’s not just for the High Holidays …

The toddler loves holidays. He doesn’t quite get the idea that they come and go, and don’t just hang around forever.   Continue reading

Jewish toys

Moses is whiter than Martha White biscuit dough, and Pharaoh looks frankly black. Does this make anyone else squirm?

Raising kids here in the Buckle of the Bible Belt, I’m always hungry for Jewish STUFF. Our synagogue gift shop has some yummy things, but what I really want is to walk into a store and wallow in Jewish tchotches, kitsch, and toys, toys, toys. Not going to happen. Not around here.

However, the Buckle does have its advantages. “Old Testament” Christian toys can easily convert into something kosher for us. Continue reading

Living Jewishly: Values Everyday

Jewish recycling

Here’s our recycling bin. Crayon leaf rubbing and team effort on D’Nealian English and block Hebrew.

My friend had a brain aneurysm yesterday. Out of nowhere. Her boy called a friend—one of those Go-To Friends who is always There in a blink (the same friend I called when my water broke last year…she rushed over to take my daughter overnight)—and they called 911. She had surgery, and it looks like she’ll be okay if she can make it through the next 3 weeks. Continue reading