Holidays, everyday

now playing, all the time

It’s not just for the High Holidays …

The toddler loves holidays. He doesn’t quite get the idea that they come and go, and don’t just hang around forever.  It is still Hallowe’en to him, still Rosh Hashana, still Yom Kippur, and most often, still Sukkot. Never mind that we didn’t actually finish building the sukkah, he still thinks every tent, garage, lean-to, cardboard box, blanket on the back of two chairs is a sukkah. To hear him squeal “sukkah!” at these very unkosher constructions gives my heart such a ping. It’s like when his sister had her Year and a Half birthday party (we thought she’d be an Only, so we really got into the birthday thing), and when confronted with one and a half candles on her cake, she covered her eyes for the Shabbes blessing. (If there are two flames, it must be Shabbat.) I knew then, and I know now with the constant sukkah, that despite all the missed opportunities and screwups, I am doing SOMETHING right.

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