LEGO menorah: Star Wars (flameless)

LEGO Star Wars minifig menorah

LEGO Return of the Jedi minifig menorah

Hanukkah and Star Wars. Both stories involve Rebels vs. an Imperial Army. Both stories incite argument about what is in the “canon” and what isn’t.*

Return of the Jedi Hanukkah menorah, flameless.
Well, the flames are flames—”castle dragon flames,” LEGO part #6126—each snugged into the recessed stud atop a minifig head—but you know what I mean. No actual fire will scorch, melt or ignite LEGO plastic with this menorah. Kids can practice lighting character candles in the correct order, starting with the Frozen-in-Carbonite Han Solo shammash.
Han is hardly a servant archetype (shammash means servant), but he is by far the tallest Star Wars minifig my kid and I could scrounge from the bins of hand-me-downs. (R2, in contrast, is programmed to serve and would be a natural shammash, as he is in my PEZ Star Wars Menorah.)

I am put in mind of two popular Star Wars / Hanukkah mashups I love. One I love enough to wear on my person. Guess which:

origin unknown or I'd give him/her honored credit galore

origin unknown or I’d give him/her honored credit galore

Droidel (The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton)

Droidel (printable R2D2 dreidel from The Star Wars Craft Book)

The original link to the printable R2D2 “Droidel” at is kaput, but the creator, Bonnie Burton, keeps a link at her website, here. It is one among many marvels in her fabulous Star Wars Craft Book. Perfectionist Warning: the Droidel is gorgeous, but it is not the easiest thing for kids to put together.

*The story of Hanukkah isn’t in the Jewish canon. See my post about the Elephant Warrior Oil Menorah (w/ Bonus Martyr)—a story taken from the Book of Maccabees—for more info.

And, even though the “other” three Star Wars movies are indisputably in the Star Wars canon, I dispute the assertion.

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