Gingerbread Golem coloring page

Color me alive, color me dead.

Gingerbread Golem coloring page.

First, the cookie, now the Coloring Page.
To demonstrate what happens when the letter aleph is removed: EMET (truth) becomes MET (death). 

Click on the image to print a PDF.

If you need a recap on the Golem’s letters and the whole alive/dead Golem thing, see the post for Gingerbread Golem (the cookie).

If you are wondering why the world needs a Gingerbread Golem coloring page, you are not alone.












5 responses to “Gingerbread Golem coloring page

  1. Genius, Joanna. I shared the other Golem post with our Rabbi; turns out that he and family have a long history with the Golem and he totally loved your post. Thanks!!

  2. Joanna, I love you. I read this story to my 6th graders yesterday secretly wishing I had had enough time to bake these cookies for them. Would they have loved the coloring page? Maybe not. But my 3rd graders will!!!

    • Thanks, Aliza! Which story did you choose? The Wisniewski picture book? Or something else, for older kids?

      • Funny you should ask – I usually use the Wisniewski one, because I own it, but forgot to bring it and used another version we had in our temple library. It, too, was a picture book and was a bit different from the other one. I always read it to my class around Halloween time.