Quick Seder Plate for kids (30 min.)

the plate design is copyrighted, so I can't share it

printable sandwiched between 2 plates

Another 30-min.-or-less seder-centric project.  The goal: a seder plate kids create and then actually use.  These can get wet and wiped (but not submerged).

  • Clear plastic plates (2 per seder plate)
  • Seder plate printable
  • Markers, crayons, colored pencils: you choose
  • Seder symbol stickers if you’ve got ’em
  • Glue dots or clear tape
  • Real seder plate to view as model

Find a printable seder plate design you like, and print so that it will fit inside a clear plastic plate.  You may have to futz with the scale, or use a Xerox machine.  The trimmed circle should fit sandwiched between two clear plastic plates.

I like designs with Hebrew and English.  Mine pictured is from an oldie but a goodie book—which I’m trying to find so I can tell you the title—and not only does it have Hebrew, it has English descriptions looped around each symbol. The only problem is that the placement of the symbols is not traditional. (See my post about where the food symbols should be placed in relation to one another.)

To bump up the edutainment factor, I found Israeli seder symbol stickers from Benny’s Educational Toys that fit over the pictures.  Kids match the sticker Hebrew to the plate Hebrew.  (For younger students, I photocopied the sticker images onto a master of the seder plate, so that the students could also match the images.)

Of course, the biggest deal about a seder plate is what goes on it.  See my post about Teaching the Seder Plate: Real Symbolic Foods.

NOTES: PLATE DESIGNS:  So many online. Be aware that some coloring sheets do not show traditional placement of the foods. If this matters to you, compare the placement against my examples.
This printable from Education.com has Hebrew, English, decent pictures in the right order (see image below).
Two honest-to-gosh books I have here at home have good artwork for plates:
My Very Own Haggadah, by Judyth Groner and Madeline Wilker, pictures by Sally Springer at OyToys.com and at ChaiKids.com (now defunct);
and Colorpix: My Book of the Passover Seder (great coloring sheets and can be used as a simple haggadah) at ChaiKids.com and at OyToys.com.

STICKERS the stickers come as packs of 6 symbols, but my plate design only has 5 symbols.  Some seder plates go whole hog with the 6, some skip the Chazeret: the second type of bitter herb.  I removed the Chazeret sticker from the kits, but kept one to talk about.  Teachable moment and all that.

Good printable from Education.com.

Good printable from Education.com.

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