Swim Noodle Dreidel

Swim Noodle Dreidel, spins

spinning Swim Noodle Dreidel

I couldn’t resist.  What better accompaniment to a Swim Noodle Menorah than a Swim Noodle Dreidel?  Besides, I had noodle waste.

When one trims a swim noodle to the appropriate Menorah candle length, one generates noodle waste.

How I made it:
As a complete afterthought, believe me. It ain’t pretty, but it SPINS.

Cut a 2″ section from a leftover noodle, carve four straight sides with a sharp kitchen knife, and add stickers. (Make your own stickers from Avery 1″ labels or a bit of masking tape.)

Then, take the ancient package of Poly Foam Caulk Saver (1/2″ diameter) you’ve been hoarding in the kitchen drawer, open it up and cut a piece about 7 inches long.
Bend that in half, poke it through the awaiting hole in the middle of the now rectangular noodle segment.
The two cut ends are the handle. The bendy part of the caulk saver is the contact point.

If you don’t happen to hoard foam caulk saver, just trim more of the swim noodle into a fat cigar and poke it through the hole.

Enough with the swim noodles.
Next week: more LEGO Hanukkah, at last!

P.S. And thank you to Roni at Apartment Therapy for posting about the Swim Noodle Menorah.  My 15 minutes were so fun.

2 responses to “Swim Noodle Dreidel

  1. Would anyone else in the world but you, Joanna, come up with the term noodle waste? Love it! Shabbat Shalom 🙂

  2. Brilliant! I love it! I really hope our dollar store still has noodles! I can’t wait to try it!