Action figures: the winners tells me that Marjorie and Ellen are the big winners of the Moses and Pharaoh giveaway.  I’ll alert Chai Kids right this minute and they will ship forthwith.

Thank you to everyone who left a Passover suggestion/idea in a comment.  If you have a moment, glance at the queue of comments: the cumulative creativity and enthusiasm are super.

Thank you to Chai Kids, who offered two sets of Moses and Pharaoh for this giveaway.  If you must have your own set here’s the page at the website.  And if you must have several sets, they have a deal on a set of 6 boxes!  I am so tempted…  They would make exquisite afikomen prizes.

And thank you, writers at Joyful Jewish and at Sweet & Crunchy with a Jewy Center for leaving great comments even though you knew you couldn’t win (because you are outside the U.S.).  Now that’s friendly!

One response to “Action figures: the winners

  1. Thanks so much, Joanna! You have no idea how much Pharoah and Moses — and the adorable frogs that Chai Kids added to the box — enhanced our Seder. We look forward to using them for Sedarim for years to come! (I even tucked some of the frogs on the platter on which I put our candles — and they kept “jumping” out of the platter. Well, at least they looked like they were about to!)