Mini-Bird-Feeder for Playmobil Environmentalists

mini in more ways

a mini feeder with a mini birdfeeder, but for normal birds

And here’s the mini version of the Tu B’Shevat Pine-Cone Birdfeeder.

Our Playmobil model is shown holding a hemlock cone with a soy-butter shmear and a coating of millet.  This hemlock, by the way, is not the poisonous herbaceous plant that clocked poor Socrates, but the lovely and benign conifer tree. Hemlocks also come in handy for decorating tabletop sukkot: the leaflets look like mini pine boughs for schach.

And of course, the string is cotton, so when squirrels instantly steal the cone, the rest of the string can biodegrade properly in situ. Let us avoid the fluttering spiral of polyester day-glo curling ribbon still tied to a bough years after the proffered cone was consumed.

Hemlock cones and seeds. Aren’t they sweet?

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