Edible Whales for Yom Kippur

yonah and the dag gadol

yonah and the dag gadol

Yes, I know we don’t eat during Yom Kippur, but kids do, and my kid will be eating these.  As will all the children at my syagogue’s young family service, right after they crawl through the Belly of the Whale (a play tunnel).

Kveller.com just published my post about repurposing a store-bought snack into an instant, Jewish holiday food.

I invite you to read it at Kveller: “A Whale of a Snack for Yom Kippur.”  And, if it passes muster (or mustard), can you “like” it there, please, so that Kveller will know someone is reading it?

Meanwhile, there is still time to buy a bag of Bugles for another “Jewish” snack: edible shofars.

Of course the bowl is ocean-blue. But they’d be cuter floating in blue M&Ms.

One buck at Target’s Dollar Spot. And kosher.

5 responses to “Edible Whales for Yom Kippur

  1. This is fabulous! Easy, memorable — all the things that appeal to busy families these days.

  2. We did that too (YK is over here)! but with fish and we always use the local version of bugles as shofars.

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