PEZ dispenser + mezuzah = PEZ-uzah


PEZ-uzah: Hello Kitty meets the Shema just published my article on making a mezuzah case from a PEZ dispenser. Rather than a how-to, it’s more of a why and why not?

Here’s the link:
How to Make a Mezuzah with Kitsch and Class.
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My mezuzah mashup was an excuse to bring in Freud, the Shulchan Aruch, the Talmud, the Second Commandment, and Winnie the Pooh, all in the service of justifying—”making a case for”—a PEZ-uzah.

Is it kosher?

Turns out, not many folks give a flip if my mezuzah case is “kosher”, but even just pondering the question can be ever so fun and informative.

The PEZ-uzah is the latest in what appears to a series-in-the-making of kid-friendly mezuzah projects, which includes the Glue Stick Mezuzah,
the Matchbox Mezuzah,
and the Lego Mezuzah.
More to come.

Oh, and Amy Melzter, author of Mezuzah on the Door, just told me PJ Library was adapting my Matchbox Mezuzah craft for the book’s new program guide. Neato.

2 responses to “PEZ dispenser + mezuzah = PEZ-uzah

  1. I love this idea and the lego idea for a mezuzah case. You can get Kosher pez (I think pashkez makes them.) I always wondered if you could put something else in there though- like gum.
    A long time ago I made a mezuzah for an art class that said “Kiss Me” on it, but i like your ideas much better.

  2. Thanks!
    Paskesz does make kosher PEZ, and they sweetly offered to mail some to me since I live off the kosher beaten path. I’m happy with dispensing kid-created scrolls…
    By the way, someone online makes dog treats that fit inside a dog head dispenser.