Shavuot links for families

Shavuot starts the evening of May 28. It’s a two-dayer here in the Diaspora, for those of us who do the extended versions of holidays. (Now is the time I start combing the web for gluten-free blintz recipes…..)

Today, I offer the start of the Shavuot link list on If you have any links to add, please leave a comment and I’ll wedge them in.

Again, I cannot help but notice that my own denomination, Conservative Judaism, is a bit under-represented. Why is it that other folks have better graphics and sites, generally speaking? I know the USCJ, the mother ship of us Conservos, is having its own tsouris at the moment, but I do wish they’d hire somebody web savvy to redesign everything and give us more PDFs of how-tos. Chabad, for example (with whom I have severe moshiach issues) leave us in the digital dust. I am hoping someone will prove me wrong by sharing some kicking conservative links.

Shavuot Resources:

My Jewish,


•  A Shavuot Primer (UJC)

•  URJ (Union for Reform Judaism) Shavuot Parent Pages

  1. •  “Best of the Web” Shavuot Links from the Jewish Agency for Israel

  2.   Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, Shavuot

  3.   Ima on and off the Bimah: last year’s blog entry about Shavuot

Sites for kids and parents together:

My Jewish Shavuot resources for kids

NSW Board of Jewish Education: BJE Academy

What is Shavuot, The 3 Pilgrim Festivals, Cool Things to Do for Shavuot, Shavuot Links Traditions, Commandments, Vocabulary, Crafts

Torah Tots: All About Shavuot, the Story of Rurth, Fun & Games, Coloring Pages, Greeting Cards, Holiday Recipes Shavuot resources for children

Teacher Planet: Shavuot Resources (activities, crafts, links)

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