Jewish star pasta

Toddler's toy of choice today

Toddler’s toy of choice today

Jewish Star of David pasta. We’ve used these as bingo markers, “money” for dreidel games, decorations for art projects, “rubber” stamps and stamps for clay. We’ve dyed them (shaken in a ziploc bag with a drop of food coloring and alcohol, dried whilst spread over a surprisingly vast expanse of wax paper.). We’ve used them as sorting objects, Montessori-style. We’ve used them as noise-makers inside of, well, noise-makers. We’ve done everything with these except cook and eat them.

I keep two big jars at the ready, and have done for about 12 years. My toddler spied them today, way up on top of a filing cabinet, and he begged for “the Jewish stars.” Have I ever sat down and taught him what a Jewish star was? How does he know from Jewish star? I was so startled and pleased I got them right down. The jars are now half empty, with a large proportion gone to the dog’s digestive system. Meanwhile, Toddler has been so happy to distribute mogen Davids throughout his play kitchen, my real kitchen, the living room, and inside all reachable containers. The transfer of materials from one vessel to another is never dull.
I offer this entry in the perpetual wonder that our kids absorb everything they see, hear, feel, taste, smell and intuit. I also offer it to all the moms in my virtual communities who continue to ask me how to make Jewishness a part of daily life.
Pasta counts.

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