My domain

I bought a domain name today: Bible Belt Balabusta.  As soon as I figure out the whole multiple-domain Mobile-Me Mac quandry, I can get the BBB up and running.  Or, perhaps I should call it the BBBB: Bible Belt Balabusta Blog.  Or B to the 4th power.  (Can’t do superscript numerals on this application.)

Felt a bit of fear when deciding precisely how to spell Balabusta. It’s Yiddish, folks, and because Yiddish is written in, well, the Yiddish alphabet, any English spellings are fair game.  I counted the Google hits: Balebusta got 735, Balebuste got 2,470, and Balabusta got 6,030.  
The Balabusta did well today: 
1. I fed all my peeps
2. No one, at the moment, is sick
3. I didn’t use my credit card
4. The toddler played with homemade playdough for nearly 45 glorious minutes

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