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Coffee Cup Sleeve Haman hat for Purim

DSC00217Another coffee-cup sleeve headwear option: the almost instant Haman hat.
I went on (and on) about the Coffee Cup Sleeve Crown for Purim, so do please visit that page and see the applications and whatnot.  I am stoked about those crowns.

For kids who would rather get poked in the eye than show up at shul in a crown, try a Haman hat.  It’s the same size as the Crown variations and it offers the same thrill of repurposing coffee-house trash into holiday wear, but without the Crownyness. Continue reading

Easy Haman Hat for Purim

Construction paper Haman hat, modeled by balloon

Construction paper Haman hat, modeled by balloon

Your kid can make a Haman hat, with a little help.  Add an eye-brow pencil mustache, a black cape, and a sneer.  Make sure your child will not suffer emotional collapse when boo-ed by random adults and tiny peers. Continue reading