Easy Hamantaschen Hat

In black, with no filling, it’s the Easy Haman Hat of last week’s post.  In brown, with filling, it’s a Hamantasch Hat.   I mentioned the Hamantaschen variation at the very end of my Easy Haman Hat how-to, and by golly, a couple days later, one intrepid reader told me she’d made a few for her kids.  Oh, how I love to hear about someone who has tried something and had fun doing it.

So now, I’ve decided the Hamantasch Hat deserves it’s own post.  

Adult size on a small child.

Big hat, little kid.

Construction paper is easiest, but these work, too: brown paper grocery sack, kraft paper, posterboard, or  any white paper colored tan/beige with the side of a crayon.

Use the same instructions as for the Easy Haman Hat, but fill the triangle with tissue paper.  Anchor a mass of mussed tissue with staples or tape against the inner sides of the triangle.  It will not be super-sturdy, given the ephemeral nature of tissue, but it will be gorgeous.
Choose a tissue color based on which filling you wish to represent:  red (cherry, strawberry), black (mohn/ poppy), brown (lekvar, chocolate, nutella), orange (apricot), etc. 

cut and staple the headband and triangle

cut and staple the headband and triangle

Add a brown robe and a filling-colored sweatshirt/sweatpant combo, and your child is a giant Purim cookie.

Hamantasch is singular, Hamantaschen is plural. I wanted to entitle this post properly with the singular term, but feared that in doing so, I would knock myself out of Almighty Search Engine Optimization.  No one searches for hamantasch, singular.  Forgive me.

and staple headband inside circle.  Attach tissue to inside of triangle.

and staple headband inside circle. Attach tissue to inside of triangle.

One response to “Easy Hamantaschen Hat

  1. I got pics of my kids and their hamantaschen hats! I would love to share with you. I don’t want to do it publicly though; want to send your email?
    Thanks again! We gave them fabric and tissue paper options, and they turned out great!