Random, panicked thoughts about guns

I just read about the death of the 39 year-old security guard at Washington’s Holocaust Memorial Museum, and about the white supremacist who shot him.

My daughter was at that museum just weeks ago, on her rite-of-passage Eighth Grade Trip to Washington.

And just days ago the Tennessee State Senate, my State Senate, passed with a vote of 21-9 the infamous “Bar Bill,” allowing handguns in restaurants with bars.

Next up for vote, any day now, is the bill that will allow guns in our national, state, and local parks.

And suddenly I feel much, much less safe here. I really, truly do not understand these things.

Next time I take a wildflower walk or eat at the Trattoria I may have more to fear than a fellow walker who asks me what church I go to.

One response to “Random, panicked thoughts about guns

  1. Mom of many

    Guns are not allowed in the capital district. That law did not protect the security guard.