The query letter, the migraine, the Vote


Tuesday is Pasta Night, and this is a piece of last Tuesday’s capellini thrown against the panelling, inspected, and forgotten.
It is now stuck fast.
This pic is posted because I didn’t have a photo of a migraine, an agent, a voting booth, or a brownie.
Today, I ‘ve been querying an agent with a migraine. I mean, I have the migraine, not the agent. I mean, the agent doesn’t have a migraine…I have the migraine and I am trying to have an agent. Migraines inevitably cause some sort of cerebral slow-down. Obviously, this includes grammar and syntax. I could register my blog under the category of Migraineurs. To be more comprehensive, I could register my blog under the category of Migraineurs who write, raise children Jewishly, live in the mid-South, are gluten-free, kosher, At Home, and slightly obsessive. I could go on. But I won’t. I did actually register my blog with today, and I hope they pick me up. I played it safe and registered under “Parenting.” It looks as if my particular brand of Conservative, Southern Jewish Parenting isn’t yet covered by the worthy blogs already there.
The agent, however, the hypothetical agent mentioned above is my goal for a different project entirely. I’m writing a couple of Jewish kids’ books, and I would so love to see them become real. For this to happen, I need an agent, apparently, plus a great deal of luck, persistence, and publishing savvy. I shall be trying out some material on

Meanwhile, I am trying not to be too nervous about today’s election. For the first time, I voted early, which means I am free to wallow in my own political and economic anxieties at home alone all day long. Brownies may help. I make the Gluten-Free Brownies of the World. Recipe upon request only, else I shall bore wheat-eaters silly.

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