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Passover PEZuzah (PEZ + Mezuzah)


Just in time for the plague of frogs, another PEZuzah.  My husband came home bearing a Kermit the Frog PEZ dispenser, and it begged to be converted into a holiday mezuzah case.  Pull Kermit’s keppie to reveal a cavity perfectly sized for a real scroll.  This little trick makes it far more convenient to inspect the klaf twice every seven years, as per tradition.  A PEZ mezuzah is not per tradition, but it works. Continue reading

Instant Edible Torah Scroll

Edible Torah: pretzel rods, fruit leather, Rolos.

Edible Torah: pretzel rods, fruit leather, Rolos.

Simchat Torah starts Thursday night. The “Rejoicing of the Torah” is a happy holiday, not surprisingly. Every week, Jews read a portion (parsha or sidra in Hebrew) from the Torah, and no matter which schedule we follow, we all finish and begin again on Simchat Torah.  The moment the reader chants the last word of Deuteronomy and then the first word of Genesis is one of the highlights of the liturgical year.  What are the last and first words?  See below.*

At synagogue on Simchat Torah, there is plenty to keep the kids engaged and happy, especially at the evening service.  Flag-waving, candy-scarfing kids can also carry toy Torahs on the noisy processionals (hakafot); beat kosher rhythm Continue reading