Where has the Target Jew stuff gone?

Target seder plate 2012

Target seder plate 2012

You know those cute and cheap Target Passover dishes we’ve loved for the past few years?  Remember how happy we were to see them displayed in our favorite secular store?  Hebrew letters, right there on the endcap.  We were surprised and grateful and we whipped out the RED Cards and bought.

So, where’s the stuff this year?  Facebook and email friends report zilch.  Have you seen anything at your local store?

One Orange County balabusta said Target Corp. told her that they would not be offering “any Jewish-themed merchandise” this year.  My own inquiry was met with a generic supply / demand reply: they supply to meet demand.  I find it hard to believe our collective RED Card action did not constitute a demand.

Not that I’m jumping to any Hobby Lobby-esque conclusions here.  I figure someone at Target Corp. just dropped the (matzah) ball and forgot to do whatever it was needed doing to give us our dishes in 2014.

Maybe we need to tell Target that we miss the Passover dishes.  Maybe we need to politely phone or email and request they consider re-stocking Passover merchandise.  Too late for this year, but to paraphrase the haggadah, Next Year, In Target.

Meanwhile, we can make our own or make do.
Passover isn’t about buying stuff anyway, right?   The important thing about a a seder plate is what’s on it and who is sitting around it.

Still, the Target honeymoon was nice while it lasted. . .

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4 responses to “Where has the Target Jew stuff gone?

  1. I am so sad about this. We use the multicolored plate as shown above for the model seder every year. This year the Haddasah women’s seder used them too. I also have some of the blue and white ones with matching matzah plates from last year too.

  2. I wrote an impassioned request to Target:
    “I went to three different Targets this year, looking for the Target Passover Kitchenware display ….finally a kind employee took pity on me and told me there wouldn’t be one — and would l like to see the matzah/gefilte fish display.
    Target Guest Relations………..I can get matzah and gefilte fish anywhere. But colorful, child-proof melamine dishes that coordinate from year to year — THAT’S what I expect from Target!!!!
    Yes, I have your plates. I have your bowls. I have your shakey cups. I have your tumblers. But I want/need MORE!
    Please, please tell me that you will be returning to those days of yore when I could do my happy dance and fill my shopping cart at the Passover end cap.
    Thank you,”

    They promised to forward my comments to the buying team. Please contact them at Guest.Relations@target.com. The more mail they get, the better our chances to see the Return of the Passover Plastic Pleasures, 2015/5775..

  3. I noticed that it was gone this year too, and it really bummed me out!