Seedling update

see the seedling emerging?

Pear seedlings from our snack

See the teeny seedlings emerging?  Two weeks ago, at the family Tu B’Shevat program I helped plan, we ate fruit and planted the seeds.  Yesterday, one pear seed sprouted, and today, another.  Baby trees!

For the program, I made little flags  so each kid would remember which fruit seeds they chose:
I planted a ______ tree for Tu B’Shevat.
The child’s name goes on the popsicle stick above the dirt line. (We used colored pencils, which are made from trees. No Sharpies that day.)

I wrote about this activity in the post Eat a Fruit, Plant its Seeds for Tu B’Shevat. I know, I know, the resulting seedlings may not grow into fertile adults, what with commercial fruit propagation techniques and whatnot.
The important thing is for a kid to eat a fruit, plant the seeds, watch them sprout, and take care of them.  So far, so good…

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