Jewish family site: Behrman House

Found new stuff at an old site: Behrman House publishers.  They have a Family Education page which, once you register, lets you or your kid access these pages: Learn Hebrew (listen and repeat), Family Resources, Play Games, Celebrate Holidays.  These are for older kids, but I thought I’d pass the info along.  Some of us adults don’t know all this stuff anyway.

    My favorite game is Bubbie’s Bubble Adventure, a cute app. from BabagaNewz, an educational site aimed at middle grade kids.  In Bubbie’s Bubble, players must steer Bubbie on an underwater obstacle course, collect matzah balls and avoid hitting the gefilte fish.  When Teenager was in 5th grade, she thought this was hilarious.

    Behrman House also has an e-card page, where kids can send Mighty Manga Midrash ecards.  I’m not keen on the whole Anime style, but I am all in favor of doing anything to make Midrash more appealing to kids.   Actually, I wish I’d thought of Manga Midrash first.

   Behrman House’s new holiday gaming site for families is called Elijah Rocks.  Be patient: it may take awhile to load the page, but you will be rewarded with a selection of holiday buttons.  Each holiday has as online game, plus a pdf dictionary of terms, blessings, and word puzzle.

    Go to their Catalog link, and click on Early Childhood to see some resources suitable for little kids.  The “Look at Me,” “Jewish and Me,” and “Let’s Discover” are all good series.  Bible, holidays, Jewish life.  Although designed for religious school distribution, parents can order anything, too.

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