Mishloach Manot for free: origami upcycle DIY

mishloach manot bag

mishloach manot bag: ready to fill and send

First, tell me you’ve seen my original post—with quick video—about making these EASY origami mishloach manot bags. Because today’s upcycle is that very same pattern but with newspaper, which makes the bag even cheaper and greener.

I’ve used this pattern with preK through adult, and usually with whatever 12 x 18 construction paper I can scrounge from the cupboards.  It all works. After you cut the square, the extra bit is used for the handle. NO WASTE.

Today I realized there is even less waste when you don’t use construction paper at all, but use the Israeli newspapers your friend schlepped back from a trip.  (Thank you, Ur.)

Any newspaper will do, but just be sure to remove any pieces that show images or words you’d rather your kids not see.

Per bag, use an already folded rectangle (which equals at least 4 sides of newsprint), and fold that to get your square and trim. The part you cut off is folded into an handle and stapled inside the creases.  Please see tutorial for details.

Wouldn’t this be an awesome station at a Purim Carnival? Yes. See my other awesome, mitzvah-centric Purim Stations here.

Other paper options: this is also a good excuse to use up large artwork that needs to be repurposed, like the stack of old watercolors / oil pastels / marker / crayon pictures that come home from school.

Add a tag, a ribbon and some hamentaschen. All set.

origami newspaper mishloach manot

origami newspaper mishloach manot

origami cup + handle (construction paper)

the original version via construction paper

One response to “Mishloach Manot for free: origami upcycle DIY

  1. Dr. Ryda D. Rose, Professor Emerita/EDUCATION ... U. of PA.

    Love your ORIGAMI. Wonderful activity for kids in Hebrew School, too. Use the Hebrew words for instructions. Will work!!! Nice JOB!!!