Meatloaf Menorah

MeatloafMenorhcandles1 text
Mmmmmmm, a menorah made of meat, in honor of the Shabbat during Hanukkah.

Actually, I made two:
1) a free-standing meatloaf menorah, and
2) a flat, branched meatloaf menorah (see below).

remove candles before baking...

remove candles before baking…


meatloaf menorah 2

Squirting ketchup on a bas-relief sculpture of raw kosher beef felt more Hallowe’eny than Shabbos-dinnery, but the outcome was delish.

menorah meatloaf 2

menorah meatloaf 2

6 responses to “Meatloaf Menorah

  1. The olives are a nice touch!

  2. Did you take any pics once it was cooked? would love to see the final product.

  3. so funny Joanna!! I wish I had been at your house for dinner! Happy belated H and a healthy, New Year