Inauguration Day

Caption: Not just pretend anymore. The Toddler’s presidential limo.

I’m watching live right now. I’m also toggling back and forth from my Word document, where I’m supposed to be tooting my horn in a book proposal. This is a serious test of my ability to do more than one thing at a time. I am usually, as my musician husband tells me, unremittingly monophonic. Time is of the essence, though: I have but a few child-free hours and I need to get a bunch of writing done. Not to mention 3 loads of laundry and a squash casserole.

Just saw Mrs. Obama climb into a big limo with a seal on the door, and I have to be sure and get a still photo of Mr. Obama doing the same thing so I can show it to my boy later. Toddler has a 4-inch long, black Presidential limo in his toy car collection, and whenever he pulls it out from amongst the rescue vehicles and flaking, lead-ridden Fords, he hollers: “Obama!” We taped a newspaper photo of Obama to the lid of the box, but Toddler kept moving it to unexpected places like the bathroom floor or the phone cord. I want him to see the real Obama step in or out of a real presidential limousine.

This is such a thrilling moment. Now I wish I were in some kind of communal setting with other people who find this a thrilling moment. It’s just me and the dog right now, and he’s asleep.

Wait, here comes the real action, and I can’t sit here anymore…The CNN screen is shared by a Facebook feed I cannot turn off, and I am SO not interested in the dopey “What I’m Doing Right Now” updates of people I have never even met.

Just then, I ran downstairs to catch the action on the TV. This day, of all days, deserved my full attention. Within moments, I was grateful I was not in a communal setting. I was glad to be completely alone, so that I could sob and clap and jump and wail without regard to my surroundings. I do not cry pretty, and had there been anyone near, I probably would have missed the whole spectacle with my face hidden in tissues. So proud. I am so proud and happy.

“Let all those who love justice and do mercy say Amen”. Wooooo-hooooooo!

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