Shavuot links for families

     Shavuot starts the evening of May 28. It’s a two-dayer here in the Diaspora, for those of us who do the extended versions of holidays. (Now is the time I start combing the web for gluten-free blintz recipes…..)
     Today, I offer the start of the Shavuot link list on If you have any links to add, please leave a comment and I’ll wedge them in.
     Again, I cannot help but notice that my own denomination, Conservative Judaism, is a bit under-represented. Why is it that other folks have better graphics and sites, generally speaking? I know the uscj, the mother ship of us Conservos, is having its own tsouris at the moment, but I do wish they’d hire somebody web savvy to redesign everything and give us more PDFs of how-tos. Chabad, for example (with whom I have severe moshiach issues) leave us in the digital dust. I am hoping someone will prove me wrong by sharing some kicking conservative links.

Shavuot Resources:

• (Best site to start with):  My Jewish, Shavuot

• A Shavuot Primer (UJC)

• URJ (Union for Reform Judaism) Shavuot Parent Pages

  1.  “Best of the Web” Shavuot Links from the Jewish Agency for Israel

  2.   Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, Shavuot

  3.   Ima on and off the Bimah: last year’s blog entry about Shavuot


Sites for kids and parents together:


My Jewish Shavuot resources for kids


NSW Board of Jewish Education: BJE Academy

    What is Shavuot, The 3 Pilgrim Festivals, Cool Things to Do for Shavuot, Shavuot Links Traditions, Commandments, Vocabulary, Crafts


Torah Tots: All About Shavuot, the Story of Rurth, Fun & Games, Coloring Pages,
     Greeting Cards, Holiday Recipes Shavuot resources for children


Teacher Planet: Shavuot Resources (activities, crafts, links)

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